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Connecting association members prior, during and post
organizational events throughout the year


Team Happy

A fun spin on project and team health tracking.

Working in our daily agile process, my team saw the need to effectively track our overall project efficiency and team morale. Tracking metrics often feels like a burden, and the idea of tracking with the existing solutions felt like our least favorite household chore. Fortunately, we came up with a fun angle on an otherwise boring necessity. By adopting monsters with unique personalities, and allowing these monsters to periodically poll team members with custom questions relevant to specific metrics that they want to track, we created a custom metric tracking tool that adds a flare to metrics and continuous improvement. Good metrics, resulting from a good sprint, or happy teammates keeps your monster happy, and bad data will result in a sad monster.

This gamification motivates the team to improve on the areas that they feel that they could use some work on while having fun doing so. It is currently in an alpha phase but will be launching soon!


Branding, Product Development, Illustration, UI/UX, Front End


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Design Goals

  1. Provide the right functionality at the right time
  2. Allow members to discover others easily and effectively
  3. Another one here...
  4. Here's more...

The architecture is the key to making sure everything works in hormones splender


Sketching Concepts


Wire frames & Prototyping


axure was used to create a fully interactive prototype
to test with target audience members.


Visual Designs