SafoBudget is a project budgeting application that we built to manage our client projects



SafoBudget became a reality because our agency had a need to tie direct budget data to our project management information that existed in two entirely different systems. 

As we started looking at ways in-which we could streamline our budgetary process to better communicate out to our clients on an ongoing basis, we quickly discovered that in order to ensure our data was accurate we would need to somehow tie our day-to-day project management tools to our time-tracking and invoicing tools. 

As we began to build out the necessary pieces for us to realize the overall vision we discovered that we were on to something that would not only benefit ourselves but had the potential of benefiting many others with similar circumstances. This lead to a more formal specification and the move to define a real scalable product that we could provide to many different types of companies.


My Role
Strategic Direction, Ideation, Research, Prototyping, and Design


Internal Project

Design Goals

  1. Provide the right functionality at the right time
  2. Allow members to discover others easily and effectively
  3. Another one here...
  4. Here's more...

Early Sketches


A wireframe prototype was used for extensive testing


Early concept designs


Visual design to round out the overall design styling