Whether it’s presentation materials for sales, real-estate, educational, or just for fun, Port can capture it, showcase it and manage it!



Port was a product concept born out of the need to deliver different types of materials quickly, and efficiently.

While working at Saforian every project we had seemed to require similar communication pieces in order to  fulfill the clients obligation and overall project requirements. However, there wasn't an easy way to collect, present, distribute and manage diverse communication materials. We were using a combination of many different software products and file formats. Often times these files would be duplicated across team members email systems. 

Out of this frustration and a client project opportunity that was calling for a method to do most of the things we were wanting to do, we established Port.

My Role
Strategic product direction, branding, user research, product design, prototype development, and user validation


Saforian, Inc.

Design Goals

  1. Create a different way to communicate and distribute different types of media within a cohesive easy-to-use collective
  2. Make it accessible across a multitude of platforms
  3. Keep it simple while also being highly scalable 

The project started with quick sketches to understand how we could potentially structure the application and visualize possible interactions


Wireframes were used to help further define the functionality requirements and content hierarchies


Ensuring flexibility

In order to ensure we created a system that could scale and provide the right amount of flexibility we performed several qualitative exercises to determine the key file formats our target customers would expect to work with.

The materials you see here are presentation pieces I created in order to demonstrate that flexibility we incorporated within.


Support for a multitude of platforms

Beyond just creating and developing a full-featured mobile based application we also designed a full web-based solution that could be used within the browser. The web interface was extended to support more advanced administration capabilities. The desire was to build out robust creation, sharing and filtering tools via the web first and then migrate key components to individual platforms as needed.


Establishing a visual design style

Our primary platform target was the tablet interface where we went through several iterations establishing an overall visual style.


Bringing vehicle based telematics to life



Hum by Verizon is the consumer telematics platform that reaches millions of users. My role is leading UX strategy and product innovation defining user experience opportunities beyond the current product lines.

Working closely with other UX team members, cross functional teams and the larger product group, my job is to research, synthesize, create, and validate UX designs that push the Hum platform into the future.

The examples shown below are conceptual designs and various communication pieces used to help push some of our product ideas forward and how we might provide our customers user experiences with our digital products.

My Role
UX Strategist, Lead Product Designer


Verizon Connect

Design Goals

  1. Create a consumer experience that fosters engagement throughout

  2. Simplify the complex world of IoT while bringing delight to users

  3. Design for scale

  4. Give consumers powerful insight in the form of valuable chunks that allow them to make informed decisions


Early sketches to ideate on various concepts

Early ideas for vehicle profile pieces

High-level wire frames created from early sketches

High-level wire frames allow us to quickly think about user interaction flows and how the overall experience will need to accommodate our design decisions

Detailed design documentation outlining desired interaction requirements and experience details

Activity Feed Categories MVP List.png

Screen flows & prototypes used to show interaction requirements


Data-visualization is a huge part of delivering valuable insights to our customers


Extensive use of mapping technologies to provide pin-point accurate location tracking capabilities


Extending access with support for multiple devices


Enhancing our internal project budgeting capabilities



SafoBudget became a reality due to the fact that our agency had a need to tie direct budget data to our project management information that existed in two entirely different systems. 

As we started looking at ways in which we could streamline our budgetary process to better communicate out to our clients, we quickly discovered that we needed to tie our day-to-day project management tools to our time-tracking processes and invoicing tools.

As we began to build out the necessary pieces we discovered that we were on to something that would not only benefit ourselves but had the potential of benefiting many others with similar circumstances. This lead to a more formal specification and the move to define a real scalable product that we could provide other companies.


My Role
Strategic direction, ideation, research, UX design, prototyping, and overall creative direction


Saforian Internal Project

Design Goals

  1. Design an easy to use system that allowed us to connect two diverse databases
  2. Provide a scalable design that allowed us to quickly iterate enhancements over time
  3. Provide a design that showcases the data to allow users the ability to quickly gleam valuable insights 

Early Sketches


A wireframe prototype was used for extensive testing


Early concept designs


Visual design to round out the overall design styling

Desktop HD@2x.png

Connecting association members prior, during and post
organizational events throughout the year



AAO - American Association of Orthodontists hired us to design and build a custom membership management system that provided member engagement capabilities prior, during and post their yearly organizational events.

Working closely with client stakeholders we devised a multi-faceted solution that combined a SaaS software model to deliver an enhanced membership experience that spanned multiple web properties and various mobile platforms.

Primarily targeted as a browser based web application and a dedicated tablet app, we created several key pieces of functionality that extended AAO's reach and engagement opportunities beyond their existing infrastructures.


My Role
Product strategy, UX & UI design, creative direction and product sales


American Association of Orthodonists


Design Goals

  1. Provide the right functionality at the right time
  2. Allow members to discover others easily and effectively
  3. Create an engaging, easy-to-use design that kept members coming back time and time again

Architecting a flexible framework


From a strategic point of view the goal was to leverage a new centralized content management system that would allow us to publish once and use everywhere across a variety of platforms. 


From a strategic point of view the goal was to leverage a new centralized content management system that would allow us to publish once and use everywhere across a variety of platforms. 


Early sketch concepts


Wire frames & prototyping


axure was used to create a fully interactive prototype
to test with target audience members.


Visual designs & overall styling


Finished product


Creating an easy to use mobile app to deliver access to guides for all types of expeditions and adventures



Mahalo was born out of an acquaintance that recently decided to establish a startup opportunity to deliver a simple to use application that would allow users the ability to locate excursion opportunities and guides for all types of activities and adventures. 

After extensive qualitative research we dived in defining a mobile based solution that would provide a flexible foundation for further growth beyond the initial release.

My Role
Product strategy, research, UX design, creative direction and overall visual design





Flow diagrams were created to iron out logic details


Style attributes were created to ensure consistency throughout the mobile apps design


More Examples


Project management web based application design


Digital echo-systems and distributed workflows


Other mobile based apps